Please see answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. If you can't find the answer you're looking for please contact us with your query.
  1. What if I've never kayaked before?
    The kayaks you will be using are very stable and suit all levels of paddlers, even if you have never paddled before. Our experienced staff will take you through the basic skills so you have the knowledge and adequate paddling capability to enjoy being out on the water.
  2. I’ve never paddleboarded before - will you teach me on the day?
    We will give you a paddle briefing before launching you safely out onto the water on the day. While the conditions and equipment mean that we are ideally suited for first time paddlers the briefing is not a detailed instruction of how to paddleboard.
  3. Will I get wet?
    Yes, it is likely that you will get a little wet from paddle splashes when kayaking or paddleboarding. Water will also enter the kayak (as they are sit on top kayaks) so the seat will be wet.
  4. What should I wear?
    We suggest people wear clothes that you don't mind getting damp or that you would normally work-out in. Running shoes and socks are not recommended as they tend to get soggy. Paddle shoes, sandals or even just bare feet are fine.
  5. Do I need to book?
    We would recommend booking your choice of equipment in advance so that we are able to guarantee that we have it available for you at your chosen time. You are able to hire on the day but please be advised that there may be a wait for equipment at busier times.
  6. Can we stay out for longer if we change our minds?
    For safety reasons we do ask that you stick to the time that you have booked, but we can extend your booking if there is availability. You can call us while you're out on the water, and if there is availability then we will be happy to extend the booking and settle the remaining payment when you return.
  7. Can we get 2 adults and 3 children in the boat?
    Unfortunately our hire boat can only take four people due to safety limitations regardless of age, size or weight.
  8. Where can I go?
    You are able to go visit any of the beaches to the East of the Manly Ferry route. It takes approximately 30 minutes to paddle to the furthest point in our area of operation and there is plenty to see and do during your visit!
  9. Where do I find you?
    You can pick up your equipment from our hire location at Manly Wharf. We are located on Manly East Pier, a small pier on the far left hand side of the wharf (as you face the water) right next to the Manly Wharf Hotel Bar. If you have any trouble finding us on the day, please feel free to give us a call on 0412 622 662.
  10. Where can I park?
    The nearest car park to our location is situated on Wentworth Street. More information on parking in Manly can be found here: http://www.manly.nsw.gov.au/council/parking/publicparkingstations/
  11. Are there any age restrictions?
    We recommend that children under the age of 5 go out on a single/standup paddleboard kayak with an adult or on a double kayak with 2 adults. Children aged 6-10 can go out on a double kayak with 1 adult and all children under the age of 18 must paddle under adult supervision.
  12. Are there sharks?
    Sydney Harbour is fortunate to have a very healthy aquatic ecosystem that nurtures all sorts of wonderful species. This does include a shark population; however, it is extremely rare to see one, and you are actually quite lucky if you have the opportunity to!
  13. Are there changing rooms/Where can we put our personal belongings?
    We have a small change room and storage area which you are welcome to use when you arrive. Please note that we do not take any responsibility for lost or stolen items. Our facilities do get quite crowded so we would recommend arriving at least 15 minutes early or coming ready to hit the water.
  14. What kind of kayak will I be paddling?
    All our kayaks are recreational, easy to use kayaks. We have sit-on top single and double kayaks to choose from.
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