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Proposal Picnic



Dependant on availability

Most people proposing would like the whole picnic to be a suprise, which we will play along with. You tell your partner you have simply booked a kayak hire and then leave the rest to us!
Organise a the ultimate surprise for your partner with a Proposal Picnic.

How it works
You will arrive at Manly Kayak Centre on Manly Wharf at your booking time for your 'kayaking' booking (our staff will know that your booking is more than just a kayak).

We will get you set up and upon explaining the map, we will highly suggest one of the beaches. This beach is about a 30 minute paddle away, and is quite easy to find.

Following a short paddle you will stumble upon a romantic picnic setup with rose petals, chocolates and champagne on ice. Who could say no?
Package Breakdown - $675 Includes
Your choice of catering
• Luxury hand-crafted Antipasto Board
• Fresh Seafood Platter

Kayak Hire for 4 Hours
Don't worry about getting lost, our staff will give you a full map briefing and will highly suggest Store Beach where your picnic will be ready and waiting!

​A message of your choice in the sand
Perfect to add that special touch! 4 word maximum eg. 'Will you Marry Me?' 

Deluxe Romance Package
• Array of chocolates & fresh strawberries
• Fresh rose petals surrounding your picnic
• Bottle of award winning Moet champagne
​​**Please note a 20% surcharge will be charged on all bookings made for public holidays
Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I bring along extra food & drinks?
You sure can! You can drop these off to our office in the morning (if you live locally) or you can simply take them in your bag on the kayak. We will give you a small (backpack size) dry bag for you to put some gear into on your kayak. Once you arrive at the picnic you can add your extra snacks and drinks to the esky.

Can I organise a photographer?
Yes! For us to transport the photographer to your picnic 30 minutes before your booking time & then pick them up at your requested time will add an extra $50 to your picnic. Please let us know if you would like to add this option to your picnic.
Can Manly Kayak Centre organise a photographer for my picnic?
Absolutely.  The cost for our in house photographer is $250.  Our photographer will be awaiting your arrival at the beach and will capture the following moments:
• Arrival on boat/kayak
• Popping the question
• Portraits and additional photographs following your arrival at the beach
• Any additional requests
Are there toilet facilities on the beach?
There are no toilet facilities on this beach. We highly recommend for you to use the facilities at Manly Wharf before you depart. If you need a bathroom whilst on the picnic you can call our office and we can send the boat over to drop you to a nearby beach which has public toilets and then drop you back to the picnic.
What if my partner and I do not want to kayak?
We can drop you to your picnic for no extra cost! We will have you in the boat and then tow the kayak behind the boat for your use at the picnic. We will then pick you up 4 hours later. You can also kayak to the picnic but request us to pick you up at the end of your picnic.

Want to book?

Please note this is only a booking request, not a confirmed booking. We will get back to you as soon as possible to secure your booking.

Bookings conditions:
1. Bookings are essential 
2. We will take credit card details as a security deposit for your booking. Nothing will be charged to your credit card until the time of your booking. The add ons that are confirmed 24 hours prior to the start of your booking is the amount that we will charge for on the day. If you cancel your booking within 24 hours of your booking start time the entire amount will still be charged to your credit card
3. All participants need to read and sign our Indemnity Form prior to each tour 
4. We require all participants that will be kayaking or paddleboarding be able to swim 150m

Bad weather policy
1. Manly Kayak Centre reserves all rights to cancel or reschedule the activity in the event of adverse weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances
2. If Manly Kayak Centre cancels your booking at any point due to weather related issues you will not incur any charges
3. It is up to Manly Kayak Centre’s discretion as to whether it is safe for bookings to go ahead.

Minimum age requirements
1. All participants must be at least 8 years of age or able to competently paddle without assistance
2. Any minors MUST be accompenied by a guardian 18 years of age or older